Menu – User Security

User Security is where you control access to the program and most of it’s features.  The main area here will be a list of the different user accounts that have been created in the system.  By default, the list is sorted by the User Name column.


Use this option to add a new user.  When you click on this option, it will open the User Security (Edit) tool.  Click here for more information on adding and editing users.


Use this option to open the highlighted user to edit options (same as double clicking on user).


Use this option to delete the highlighted user name.  Warning – We recommend that you do not delete any users as this can cause information related to that user to not display correctly in other parts of the program(such as in the audit logs).  Instead edit the user and select the ‘Inactive’ option.  Inactive users will no longer appear on the login menu but thier information will remain intact for any reports that display user name information (such as in the Extended Income Statement).


Use this option to search for a particular user name.  You can also type in a few letters and it will display the user names with the matching characters.


Use this option to tag all, untag all, or invert the current selection of records.


Use this option to print the list of users.


Use this option to export the list of users to a text file.


Use this option to refresh the list.