Manually Adding Vehicles in WebManager

Vehicles can be added from anywhere in WebManager under Inventory -> Add Vehicle.addvehiclewm1addvehiclewm2

  • The Add Vehicle screen is where you can manually add new vehicles to WebManager by simply entering a single VIN or Stock Number and then clicking on Add Vehicle.
    • This will create the new vehicle of the selected Vehicle Type, add it to your Staging inventory, and take you to the Vehicle Detail screen.
    • You can change your default Vehicle Type if you primarily list Motorcycles or Other vehicles (RVs, ATVs, Commercial Trucks, etc.) under Inventory Settings.
  • If the Vehicle Type is a Passenger Vehicle and you entered a valid VIN, WebManager will have decoded the VIN number and populated the Vehicle Specifics and Features for you, including the Year, Make, Model, standard and optional features, etc.
    • Some VINs will have multiple Styles available, and the default Style selected by the VIN decoder may not match your vehicle. In this case, just select the correct Style and click on Save Changes and the Vehicle Specifics and Features will be updated.
  • You can also print a blank vehicle checklist from this screen.
    • This checklist will allow you to record vehicle information which you can then enter in the Vehicle Detail screen after adding a new vehicle.
    • You may want to print several copies of the checklist if you will be adding many vehicles at a time to the system.
  • If you are also a DeskManager user, you can upload vehicles to WebManager directly.
  • Depending on your WebManager account type, you may be limited to a maximum of 50 vehicles in your Staging inventory at any time.
    • If you have reached this limit, you will not be able to add new vehicles to the system until you have archived or activated some of the vehicles from your Staging inventory.
    • This limit is in place to prevent our server resources from being used up by abuse of the Staging inventory as storage space for data and photos.