Lease Default Values

Leases can have default values set for fields that are the same for all new leases.

To manage your lease default value templates, click File -> Setup, then in the list on the left scroll down to “Lease”, then beneath click “Lease Default Values”.leasedefaultvalues2leasedefaultvalues1

  • You can see your current templates (Default values) on the right hand side.
  • If you are a first time user you will not see any entries on this list.

Create a Lease Template

  • To create a new template click “New” in the top left.leasedefaultvalues3
  • It will display the Adding a New Template window.leasedefaultvalues4
  • This is actually the same window that you will see when you create a new lease contract.
  • By entering your default values here, you know what values will be filled in when you create a new contract using this template.
  • The fields which are grayed out or are absent, are the fields that you need to specify per contract.
  • Please remember to enter a descriptive name on top of the form so you can distinguish between different templates of same profile (Lot#).leasedefaultvalues5
  • When you are done editing you template you can either click on “Cancel” to exit without saving or click on “Save” to add your new template to program.leasedefaultvalues6
  • Please click on Save or Cancel to exit out this window.

Edit or Delete a Template

  • In the “Lease Default Values” list, where you can see list of all of the templates, you can edit any of them by double-clicking them (or highlighting them and clicking on Open).leasedefaultvalues7
  • You can delete a template by highlighting and clicking on Delete.leasedefaultvalues8