Inventory List Integration

Car Gurus Badge Integration

  • The CarGurus Deal Badge allows you to highlight exceptional deals to your customers.
    • This badge available in one of two styles that will appear underneath the vehicle price in your inventory list.
  • Requirements:
    • The CarGurus Deal Badge is only available in responsive themes.
    • You must have an active inventory export to CarGurus to for the badge to function correctly.
    • The price must match the price of the listing on in order for the badge to load.

Car Gurus Badge Settings

  • To enable Car Gurus Deal Badge on your Inventory List, navigate to Settings -> Website -> Inventory List Integrations.inventorylistint2
  • Check the “Enabled” box and then configure the settings.inventorylistint1
  • The minimum rating to display determines whether your customers will see Fair deals, Good, deals and Great deals.
    • Selecting Good deals will display Great and Good deals.
    • Selecting Fair will display all three deal types, while selecting Great will display only Great deals
  • The “Vehicle Price to Use” is the price CarGurus will use to evaluate whether your deal is Fair, Good or Great.
  • The deal badge comes in one of two styles for you to select.