Integrating WebManager Inventory Pages to Third Party Sites

If you have an existing third-party website and you want to use one of the WebManager-generated web pages (such as your View Inventory page) in your third-party website, there are a couple of possible approaches you can take to do this.

  • Your WebManager website is always accessible using the default website address:
    • where YOUR_CLIENT_ID is your 6-digit Client ID.
  • To link directly to your View Inventory page, for example, you will need to add the page to the end of the website address, like this:
  • If your existing website uses frames, or you want to load the WebManager-generated Inventory 1 page in an IFRAME in your website without displaying the banner, navigation links, and footer, you can add a parameter to the website address like this:
    • The /view-inventory/ part of the address tells the WebManager server that you are requesting the View Inventory page.
    • The ?Framed=1 parameter tells the WebManager server that you only want the main content of that page without the banner, navigation links, etc.
  • The HTML for a simple text link to your View Inventory page might look like this:
    • <a href=”” target=”_blank”>View Our Inventory</a>
  • The HTML for an IFRAME containing your View Inventory page without the banner, navigation links, etc. might look like this:
    • <iframe src=”″ width=”1000″ height=”600″></iframe>
  • Your website designer should be able to use the above information to link to the inventory page in a way that works well with your site design.