Installing DeskManager

Step 1: Access File

Click here to access the DeskManager updates page. Type in your Client ID (provided by your account rep) and your phone number and then click Submit.

Step 2: Download DeskManager

Once the download options appear, click on Setup.exe. Once the setup file is downloaded, click to run it.

Step 3: Launch Install Wizard

The installation wizard will now welcome you to the program. (If you don't see wizard, check behind web browser). Click Next to continue.

Step 4: Accept Terms & Conditions

The next screen is the License Agreement screen. Our license agreement is written out on the screen. You can also print the license agreement by clicking Print. Before you can install DeskManager you need to accept the terms of the license agreement. Once you've accepted the terms, click Next.

Step 5: Installation Type

The wizard will ask you what installation type of DeskManager you would like to install. Choose the first option, Install DeskManager Version 11.96.XX.

Note: This install wizard may not always have the most up-to-date version listed, but either way, choose the first option.

Step 6: Destination

Now you have to determine where to install DeskManager on your computer. By default we will try to install DeskManager to C:DeskMan. If you click Browse you can install it to another location on your computer. We strongly advise that you do not install DeskManager to Program Files. After you determine where you are going to install DeskManager click Next.

On the next screen, click Install to proceed. Then, click finish and DeskManager will install begin to install.


Step 7: Register Your DeskManager

DeskManager will then  ask you to either register the program or use the demo. To begin the registration process click Next, then click Register. Fill out your company information, then click Submit. DeskManager will complete the registration process, and download a DeskManager update.

After DeskManager finishes the download click OK. DeskManager will now apply the update and open the software.