Initial Cloud Setup

It takes a few days from the date of sale to a completed migration of all the DeskManager data from the local computer to the cloud.

Here are the steps in moving DeskManager to the cloud:

  1. Signup
    • Dealer signs up for the cloud.
  2. Data gathering
    • A cloud specialist will call to ask questions relating to how the dealership is run (the number of workstations, the printers being used, etc.).
    • This ensures that DeskManager on the cloud is tailored to the dealership’s needs.
  3. Server Setup
    • A cloud specialist creates the cloud server, makes sure Windows is up-to-date, installs any necessary programs, and sets up the installer for the workstation computers.
    • This process usually takes 3-4 days depending on volume.
  4. Schedule
    • During the next step of Data Migration, the dealer will not be able to work in DeskManager.
    • A time and date is arranged with the dealer to begin the migration, usually before or after business hours, or during non-peak hours.
  5. Migration
    • This is when the cloud specialist begins transferring the DeskManager data from the local computer to the cloud server.
    • The time this can take depends on the size of the data.
    • For example, if there are a lot of photos associated with vehicles in DeskManager, this will increase the migration time.
    • To expedite this process, AutoManager suggests having the Remote Support tool open on each of the machines we will be setting up.
  6. Complete Migration
    • The cloud specialist will set up each workstation that will be using DeskManager, give the dealer the credentials to login to the cloud, login and verify the server and programs are working correctly, and test the printer’s functionality from the cloud.
    • Under certain circumstances our cloud specialist may teach you or your team how to configure your workstations, and work with you until you can set them up on your own.