Importing A Report Template

​​​​The time-consuming and repetitive task of creating custom reports with specific requirements in order for the clients to export those to third parties has now been significantly streamlined via commonly exported custom report templates. In this regard, there is now an Import Report option within the Report Builder which can be used to import one of the commonly exported custom report templates. Those templates can then be further customized as needed.

The Report Builder can be accessed by clicking on Reports and double-clicking on Report Builder.

Within the Report Builder, pre-defined custom report templates can be imported by clicking on Options and selecting Import Report, where individual report templates can be selected by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the blank Report Template field. After the desired report template has been selected, it can be imported into the Report Builder by clicking on Import and confirming this action by clicking on OK.

Once the desired report template is imported into the Report Builder, it can be further customized by highlighting the report and clicking on Open, which brings-up the Field Editor, where individual fields (or columns) can be added or removed.

Within the Field Editor, individual fields can be removed by highlighting an entry within the list of pre-defined fields, clicking on Delete Field, and confirming the action by clicking on Yes. Furthermore, entries can be added to the list of pre-defined fields by clicking on Add Field, and double-clicking on the field to be added.

Please refer to the help article Exporting Single Vehicle Reports​ for a description on how to enter the FTP credentials that were provided by the third-party and how to export reports from within individual vehicles or deals.