How to Find Forms

This article will walk you through finding your forms in the DeskManager forms library. AutoManager does not track which forms you will need to print for your deals. Please direct form requirement questions to your local independent dealership association.

Step 1: Entering the Forms Library

From inside a deal or a lease click the Forms button then click Forms Library


Step 2: Searching for Your Form

Search for your form in the Search field. You can search by form title or by form revision date. It is recommended to keep your query short and broad.

Step 3: Checking Other Form Categories

There are four forms categories to search from. If you aren’t finding the form you need at first, be sure to check the other categories.

Step 4: Adding Your Form(s) To Your Local List

To add a form to your forms list, check the checkbox to the left of that form then click either Save & Continue (to remain in the forms library) or Save & Exit (to exit the forms library). Be aware that there are two types of forms in the forms library.

Dot matrix forms will likely need to be aligned the first time you print them. If you cannot find the form you need, you can submit a form request to AutoManager. Please be sure to update your DeskManager and re-check the forms library before submitting a form request.