How to Add Labor Expenses in DeskManager

DeskManager is able to track labor expenses in two ways:

  • Parts in the Service tab,
  • Or using Third-Party Payroll software.

In DeskManager, labor is added to service worksheets and invoices in the same way any parts are added to a worksheet or invoice.

To track Labor Expenses as Parts in the Service tab, navigate to the Service tab, then on the left click the Parts tab.laborexpense21

Adding a New Service Employee
  1. To add a new Service Employee, in the top left click New -> Part.laborexpense2
  2. For the Part #, enter the name of the employee.laborexpense6
  3. For the Category, select Labor.laborexpense5
  4. In the Unit Price, enter the amount that the employee is paid, and in the Selling Price, enter the amount that the customer is charged for the employee’s labor.laborexpense7
  5. Set the Quantity to 0.laborexpense8
  6. Next, if Third-Party Payroll software is being used, then leave Non-Inventory Item checked.
  7. If DeskManager is being used to track labor, uncheck Non-Inventory Item.
  8. If there is a Labor Vendor, click the dropdown menu next to Labor Vendor and select the appropriate vendor.
  9. Next, click Save in the top right.
Adding a New Labor Expense to an Invoice
  1. Click the Invoices tab on the left.laborexpense9
  2. Then either double-click on an existing invoice, or click New to create a new invoice.laborexpense11
  3. Click the Paper icon in the bottom left, then click Add Labor…laborexpense20
  4. Under Part Number, type the name of the employee, then press Tab on the keyboard and the Selling Price will fill in.laborexpense14
  5. Under Qty/Hours, enter the amount of hours the employee worked.
    • For example, if he worked 1 hour and 45 minutes, enter 1.75.
  6. In the Description field, type what the service was that was done on the vehicle.laborexpense13
  7. In the Remedy/Cure field, type any other pertinent information regarding this particular labor expense.
  8. The Total will be shown in the bottom right. Click the button with two arrows to show a breakdown of the total.laborexpense15
  9. Click Save.
  10. The labor expense will be listed at the bottom of the invoice, and the labor total will be listed on the right.laborexpense17


  1. Adding the labor expense will subtract the quantity (hours) from the total quantity for the service employee, so his quantity will be negative.
    • The negative quantity represents how much is owed to the service employee.
  2. When the service employee is paid, go to the Service tab, then click the Parts tab.laborexpense21
  3. Double-click the name of the service employee who was paid.laborexpense18
  4. On the right, under Last Purchase, enter the amount of hours the service employee was paid for in Purchase Qty, then click Save.laborexpense19
  5. If the service employee was paid in full for all their labor, the quantity will now total as 0.