How to Accept Payments with WorldPay in DeskManager

In order to accept payments with WorldPay in DeskManager, it must first be setup.

  1. In DeskManager, double-click a Buy Here Pay Here deal from the Deal/Trade or BHPH tab to open the deal details.paymentprocessor27
  2. Click the Payments tab, then click Collect Payment on the left.paymentprocessor29
  3. A Payment window will open. In the bottom right, select Online Payment Processing.vantivprocess15
  4. Enter the reference number or order number, then click Process Online.vantivprocess16
  5. A Payment Processing window will open.vantivprocess1
  6. Once you have entered an account, you may save it for ease of use in processing payments for this customer.
  7. Click Credit or Debit.
  8. Enter the customer’s billing information.vantivprocess2
    • All fields are required except for email address.
  9. Click Use PC Keyboard or Use Swiper.
    Use PC Keyboard

    Click Use PC Keyboard.

    1. This will open a window to fill in the customer’s billing information.vantivprocess10
    2. Enter the information, then click Submit.
    3. confirmation window will display if the transaction was successful.vantivprocess12
    4. receipt window will display, which can be Emailed, Saved, or Printed.vantivprocess14

    Use Swiper Device

    Click Use Swiper Device.

    1. Payment Processing window will display.vantivprocess3
    2. When the swiper device prompts to swipe the card, do so.
    3. Once the payment is processed, a confirmation window will display if the transaction was successful.vantivprocess6
    4. receipt window will display, which can be Emailed, Saved, or Printed.vantivprocess7
  10. The payment is now listed in the Payments tab of the deal.vantivprocess8
  11. The payment has been successfully collected through WorldPay.