Gap Providers in DeskManager Online

If you know which gap providers you’ll be working with, take a moment to add them to DeskManager Online in advance. This will ensure your forms print with all the necessary information, and you won’t be scrambling to enter your gap provider’s information while desking a deal. 

Adding Gap Providers in Advance 

First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Third Party category, click Gap Providers.
This screen displays every gap provider you have added to DeskManager Online. From here, you can see an overview of basic information.
You can delete an existing provider on this page by clicking the box to the right of the provider and selecting Delete.
To add a gap provider, click Add New in the top-left.
Under the General tab, include the name, contact information, and address.
On the Identification Data tab, you can include any identification numbers associated with the gap provider, such as their license number.
Once you have filled in the information, click Save.

Adding Gap Providers from a Deal

When you’re adding a gap provider to a deal, you can always add a new gap provider on the spot. As an example, let’s navigate to the Gap tab of a deal.
To add a new gap provider, find the Gap Company field and click the three blue dots.
Then click Add New.
Include the provider’s information and click Submit.
They will now be added to the gap provider list for future deals.
You may optionally type the name of the provider in the Gap Company field.

If you add a provider with this method, it will not be added to your gap provider list. 

Using this method has other drawbacks, too. Different DeskManager Online users may type the provider’s name differently, making it impossible to track these providers through reports. 

And if a form requires gap provider information like an address or phone number, these fields will be left blank since the provider’s information was never entered.