Form Printing in DeskManager Online

This article is for DeskManager Online. For DeskManager 11 see Form Printing (DM11).

DeskManager Online offers a plethora of forms for both Okidata and laser/inkjet printers. Once you’ve configured your DeskManager Online, it takes only a few clicks to print all the forms you require. 

If you can’t find the form you need in DeskManager Online, you can send us the form to program for you. Read more about the form submission process here: 

How to Print Forms 

You can print forms from a deal at any time, although it’s highly recommended you only print contracts from a closed deal. Pending deals are easy to edit by mistake, putting you at risk of invalidating contracts that may have already been printed and signed. 

To print your forms, first navigate to a deal’s Print Menu. You can do this by clicking Mark Contract as Final and Print when closing a deal.
Otherwise, you can access a deal’s Print Menu at any time by clicking the Print button along the top banner, and then selecting Forms.
On this screen, choose a form pack you created. A form pack is a collection of pre-selected forms. If you have not yet created a form pack, read our article here:
If your form pack is missing a form, you can add a form by expanding a category below and typing the form name in the search box.
If a form has the PDF tag, it will print to your laser or inkjet printer. Forms without this tag are dot matrix forms and can only be printed through an Okidata printer.
If a form has a green dollar sign, this indicates it is an ePay form. You’ll incur a small charge when printing an ePay contract for the first time in a new deal. Scroll over the dollar sign for more information about this charge.
To add a form to our selected forms list, scroll over the form and click the blue button on the left.
When you’ve selected all the forms you need to print for this deal, click the blue Print all Selected PDF Forms button to print every form tagged as a PDF.
If you need to print a dot matrix form or print an individual form, you can click the blue printer icon to the right of that form.
For long contracts with non-standard paper lengths such as the 553, you’ll have to create a custom paper size if you haven’t already. To create a custom paper size for DeskManager Online, read our article here:

When printing non-standard forms, whether they are long or legal-size, you have to specify the paper size in the print preview. This varies based on your browser. In the example below, we’ll show you how to change your paper size in Chrome.

Prior to printing to your Okidata in DeskManager Online you will also need to configure the correct driver (link), add an entry to your print server properties as mentioned above (link), configure the internal settings (link), and configure your printer’s mechanical settings (link).