Form Packs

Even the smallest dealership needs at least one form pack. A form pack is a collection of user-selected forms and contracts that appear in your print menu when you’re ready to print a deal. 

Rather than having to manually select each form in every deal, you can simply select your form pack to pull every form you require. 

If your dealership processes different types of deals, or works with various banks and lenders, you can create form packs specific to each type of deal to further expedite the printing process. 

Creating a Form Pack 

First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Deal category, click Form Packs.
The Form Packs list displays every form pack you’ve created. To create a new form pack, click Add New in the top-left.
Distinguish your form pack with a relevant name. For example, if this form pack contains contracts needed for a cash deal, you may want to name it Cash Deal. 

You’ll also want to specify the state and type of form pack. If this form pack contains inventory forms, then select Inventory. Otherwise, select Deal.
Then click Save.

You should see four categories: Company Forms, State Forms & Contracts, Warranty & Gap Forms, and Buyers Guide. 

Click a category to open up a list of contracts associated with that category. Then type the name of the form you’re looking for in the category search bar.
If a form has a PDF tag it will print through your laser or inkjet printer. Forms without this tag are dot matrix contracts and can only be printed through an Okidata printer.
Forms with dollar sign symbols are ePay forms, which require a small fee to print. You can scroll over the dollar sign for a breakdown of this fee.
To add a form to your forms pack, scroll over the form and click the blue plus on the left.
When you’re done adding forms, click Save.

Selecting a Form Pack 

Form packs are selected from the print menu of a deal. 

When you’re ready to print forms, access the deal, click Print in the top-left, and then select Forms.
In the Form Pack dropdown located in the top-left, select your form pack. Your forms list will automatically select the forms included in this form pack.