Facebook Marketplace Auto Posting Utility – Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we using this tool? 

Facebook Marketplace has discontinued automated vehicle and real estate catalog feeds. As a result, WebManager and other marketing platforms can no longer offer automatic Facebook Marketplace integration. 

To continue to provide users with a Facebook Marketplace posting solution, we’ve created the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility. This tool allows you to send your inventory to the Facebook Marketplace with the push of a button.

What are the device limitations to run the Auto Posting Utility? 

We support the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility on Windows and two web browsers: Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  

The Facebook Marketplace Auto Posting Utility does not work on Mac devices.  

Why is my Auto Posting Utility not working on Chrome? 

On devices running Google Chrome, the extension “Meta4 ClickOnce Launcher” must be installed before launching the Auto Posting Utility. For more information about installing the Meta4 extension, click here: 


Do I have to install the Chrome extension each time I want to run the Auto Posting Utility? 

No, the Google Chrome extension only needs to be downloaded once on that computer. 

Do I need to install the Facebook Marketplace Auto Posting Utility every time I want to run the application? 

No. The tool installs updates automatically when necessary.  

When I try to launch the Facebook Marketplace Auto Posting Utility, nothing happens. What’s wrong? 

This might be due to a missing file on your computer.

Please attempt to download the x86 version of this file on the Microsoft page here:

My listings are posting from my personal Facebook account. Can I post them through my dealership page instead? 

Unfortunately due to Facebook’s restrictions, not all Facebook accounts are able to post from their business pages. For more information click here:

If your Facebook account is permitted to post from a business page, a page selection window will appear once you’ve verified your credentials. If the selection window does not appear, your account is unfortunately not yet able to post from a business page. However, it may be eligible in the near future. 

Can I still view Facebook messages from WebManager? 

No. The WebManager Messenger will no longer receive leads from the Facebook Marketplace. You will only receive messages through the inbox of your personal Facebook account. 

I just activated a vehicle but it’s not in the Auto Posting Utility. What do I do? 

If you leave the Facebook Marketplace Auto Posting Utility open when adding or editing a vehicle in WebManager, the Auto Posting Utility won’t refresh automatically. 

To refresh the inventory, navigate to the Tools button in the top-left, then click Refresh Inventory. 

I deleted a listing on Facebook. Why won’t the Auto Posting Utility let me post it again?  

The Auto Posting Utility does not automatically know when a listing is deleted on Facebook. It must be told to check the existing links. When the Auto Posting Utility checks the posted links and sees a listing has been deleted, you’ll be able to post the vehicle again. 

To check the status of existing listings in the Auto Posting Utility, navigate to Tools in the top-left, then click Check Listing Statuses. 

What happens if I repost a vehicle? 

The Auto Posting Utility tries to prevent reposting vehicles by not allowing you to post a vehicle with an active listing. However, it is not foolproof. 

If you post the same vehicle multiple times to Facebook, the listing will be flagged as a duplicate. You can delete the duplicate listing through your Facebook Marketplace. 

For instructions, read the article here:

If I sell a vehicle on WebManager, will the vehicle be marked as sold on Facebook? 

No, Facebook Marketplace listings will not automatically disappear on Facebook, as there is no way for WebManager to tell Facebook a vehicle has been sold. You’ll need to manually mark the vehicle as sold on Facebook. For instructions, read the article here:

If I edit a vehicle on the Auto Posting Utility, will it automatically update the vehicle on WebManager? 

No. You can edit a vehicle within the Auto Posting Utility by clicking the Edit button on its row. Any changes made within the Edit section, such as the price and description, are automatically sent to WebManager.