Fairfax Imaging Setup – Generate DMS Key and DMS User

This article is for DeskManager 11. For DeskManager Online see Electronic Vehicle Registration Setup.

Please follow the instructions below to generate your Fairfax Imaging DMS Key and DMS User Name

  1. Log into QuickTags as a User who is a Dealership Owner or Dealership Manager.
  2. Click on Manage Users
  3. Click on the Search button to display all the Users.
  4. Select the Dealership Owner or Dealership Manager, and click on the arrow to the right, and click on Edit.
  5. On the DMS Vendor field, please choose AutoManager, Inc. For the DMS User Name, please type in a valid DMS User Name (if this is blank, the integration will not work).
  6. Copy the DMS Key and User to the corresponding fields in the DeskManager Fairfax Imaging Integration. Once we send a successful transaction over, you will not have to worry about entering it again as we will save the information for the logged in User.