Facebook Marketplace Posting

When you’re ready to post new inventory to the Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to manually run the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility. Remember Facebook Marketplace has discontinued automated vehicle and real estate catalog feeds.

Want To Try Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Tool For Your Dealership?

You can only use the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility once you’ve configured it correctly on your current computer. If you have not already completed the initial setup for the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility on this computer, refer to the article here:

Posting Vehicles to the Facebook Marketplace

To open the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility, scroll over Inventory in the top-left, then Live, then click Facebook Marketplace.
From here, click Launch Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility.
A blue window may appear, indicating that Windows protected your PC. Click More Info. Then click Run Anyway.
The main screen of the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility displays every vehicle currently in your Live inventory, as well as basic information such as the year, make, and model.
If a vehicle has a Photo, Mileage, Price, or Description, the associated boxes will contain a green checkmark. If a vehicle is missing one of these items, the box will contain a red X. Please note that a vehicle must have a photo, mileage, and price to be successfully posted to the Facebook Marketplace.
If you want to change a price or vehicle description, click the Edit button beside the vehicle. Any changes you make here will reflect on the vehicle in WebManager. Photos and mileage must be added from WebManager itself, as they cannot be changed from the Facebook Marketplace Auto-Posting Utility.
To see which location and login credentials will be used when you post a vehicle, refer to the Posting User and Posting City columns. Note that the Posting City location comes from the lot’s address in WebManager.
If you wish to filter your inventory, use the Year, Make, Model, or Search criteria above your inventory list.
When you’re ready to post vehicles to the Facebook Marketplace, you’ll need to select them. Selected vehicles are highlighted in blue. To select a single vehicle for posting, click on the vehicle. 

To select multiple vehicles, hold CTRL and click the vehicles you’d like to post.
To select all the vehicles on the list, click Select All. If you have filtered your list, Select All will only select the vehicles on your filtered list.
To select vehicles that are not currently posted, click Select Unposted. This will select all vehicles without a status or with a Not Found status. Statuses are explained in detail at the end of this article.
Once you’ve selected the vehicles you’d like to post to the Facebook Marketplace, click Start Posting.
A status window will appear for your review. If a selected vehicle is missing necessary information such as a price, this will be indicated by its status and error message. You won’t be able to post this vehicle until you update it accordingly.
When you’re ready to start posting, click Continue Posting. A status bar will appear, and the status for the current vehicle will update in real-time as it’s posted to the Facebook Marketplace.
If you have enabled Error Handling, keep an eye on the FB Marketplace APU as it runs. A Facebook window may appear if an error occurs and will wait for you to manually correct it. After correcting the error, click Next in the bottom-left, then Publish. Once complete, the tool will continue posting automatically.
Once you have posted your vehicles to the Facebook Marketplace, you can review the post by clicking the View Posting link on the main screen. If you use this link right away, you may discover that the link claims the listing is not available. This is because a listing is not available until Facebook reviews it. You can always log into your Facebook Marketplace to confirm the listing is there.

Because of this review period, a vehicle’s initial status will be set to Pending.
An hour after listing a vehicle, the FB Marketplace APU will check its status automatically. If the listing is not present, the status will be changed to Not Found and can therefore be reposted. 

If the listing is present, the status will be changed to OK and therefore cannot be reposted. The FB Marketplace APU will not let you post a vehicle that has an existing listing on the Facebook Marketplace. 

If you want to post the vehicle again, you must first delete the existing listing. All listings must be deleted manually. To delete or manage a Facebook Marketplace listing, refer to our article here:

When you delete a listing, click Tools in the top-left, then click Check Listing Statuses. The FB Marketplace APU will update the status from OK to Not Found so you can post the vehicle again. Otherwise, it will still think a listing exists for this vehicle.