Facebook Marketplace – Frequently Asked Questions

This video goes over frequently asked questions about the Facebook Marketplace with WebManager.

How often do vehicles get posted, what are the time frames?
Vehicles are exported to Facebook four times a day. The times are: 7:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 12:00 AM.

If I mark a vehicle as sold on WebManager, how will that be updated on Facebook Marketplace?
We only export live vehicles to the Facebook Marketplace. If a vehicle is marked as sold, we will not send that vehicle on the next scheduled export, and therefore the listing of the sold vehicle will be removed.

How we can access them?
You can search your dealership by name. Facebook will be releasing a functionality soon that will generate a link for each vehicle exported. In the future, we plan on creating a report for you to see current active listings on the Facebook Marketplace.

Can we send the leads to third party companies?
If notifications are enabled on the Facebook Marketplace settings page, Auto Lead Data Format (ADF) Notifications will be sent to the appropriate emails that you set-up under your general notification settings.

If another company is managing our Facebook Marketplace currently, will sending the data through AutoManager create duplicates?
If the same vehicles are posted to the Facebook Marketplace, by multiple different third-parties, Facebook will collate the listings so that you will not have duplicates appearing.

Can I push the feed manually?
No, you can’t push manually.

What price is going to appear (e.g. internet price or showroom price)?
This is dependent on your export settings under Settings -> Inventory -> Exports.

How can I remove a specific vehicle from going to Facebook Marketplace?
Facebook Marketplace works like a regular export. You have control over which vehicles go out, navigate to Inventory -> Live -> Exports in WebManager.

What fields are required in order for my vehicle to show up on Facebook Marketplace?
The following fields: description, price, Address, mileage; along with a minimum of two images.

Is there an automated response that we can use?