Exporting to Export Sites

The instructions for exporting from WebManager to an export site are below. Before you can export a vehicle that vehicle MUST be in the Live section on WebManager.

Step 1: Export Settings

From anywhere in WebManager hover over Settings at the top, then hover over Inventory, then click on Exports.

Step 2: Global Export Settings

At the top of the page are the global settings for all the exports.

  • Here you may set:
    • the Pricing Value to export,
    • what to include in the descriptions on the export sites
    • whether to use the website description if no other descriptions are available,
    • and the global description for vehicles.
  •  Click the dropdown to choose how to include this description:
    • Add to the vehicle description so it appears at the end of the vehicle description,
    • Prepend the vehicle description so it appears at the beginning of the vehicle description,
    • Or replace with the vehicle description.

Below that on the left hand side you will see a list of all the sites WebManager exports to.

Step 3: Add Export Site

To add an export site, scroll down and click the blue Add Export Sites button, and a list of export sites will open.

Click the name of the export site to the left for more information about each export site, including Setup or Authorization instructions and other important notes.

Next to each site is a button that says Enable, or one that says Request Approval.

Sites which do not require sign-up with the third party site will be enabled when the enable button is clicked.

If the site says ‘request approval,’ click the link and we will contact the site to setup the export.

The date and time of the request will be displayed when clicked.It is important to note that you must be signed up with the site you want to export to.

Step 4: Enter Dealer ID (if required)

If an export site requires a Dealer ID, it will be provided by the site you are trying to export to.

To enter the dealer ID, locate the export site, then click Site Settings, and enter the dealer ID in the space provided.

Click Save, then Save Changes to apply the dealer ID.

Step 5: Individual Export Settings
  • If you would like to have individual settings for an export site which are different from the global settings at the top of the page, click Site Settings to the right of the export site.
    • These settings are only for the individual export site which was clicked.
    • Here you may change the pricing value to export, and whether to use the special price, web description, and/or default description.
    • Also note the times for each export site at the bottom; these are the times this export will be sent out.
    • The overlay setting lets you choose whether to send photos with overlays to the export site.
    • You may also choose whether to send overlays to individual export sites.
    • Additionally, you have the option to show the overlay on the first photo only.


Step 6: Choose Inventory to Export

To select the vehicles you would like to export hover over Inventory at the top, then hover over Live, then click on Exports.

Step 7: Toggling Vehicle Exports

From the exports window you will see all of your Live vehicles on the left.

To the right of each vehicle you will see a box for each export site you have set up.

If the box is green that means that the vehicle is selected to go to that export site. If the box is gray that means that the vehicle is NOT selected to go to that export site.

Clicking on a box will toggle between the vehicle exporting to that site and not exporting to that site on the next export cycle.

You have the option to view the history of vehicles exported for the past 30 days.