Exporting to Export Sites

The instructions for exporting from WebManager to an export site are below. Before you can export a vehicle that vehicle MUST be in the Live section on WebManager.

Step 1: Export Settings

From anywhere in WebManager hover over Settings at the top, then hover over Inventory, then click on Exports.

Step 2: Define Export Settings

At the top you can choose which vehicle price you want to export as well as a few options for your vehicle description. Below that on the left hand side you will see a list of all the sites WebManager exports to.

Step 3: Determine Requirements

Each site may look for something different to enable that export. To see what you need to do click on the name of the site you want to export to and read the instructions that pop up.


Step 4: Enable the Export Site(s)

To enable an export find the site you wish to work with and click on the checkbox to the left of the site name or click Request Approval. For export sites - clicking OK on the box that pops up will export all your inventory on the next export cycle; cancel will not export any inventory on the next export cycle. If the site wants you to input a Dealer ID you can put that in the middle column. The right column will tell you when that site will export. Please note that all of those times are Pacific Standard Time. When you have finished click the Save Changes button.

Certain export sites require approval before they can be enabled. Clicking Request Approval will bring up additional information about the export site. Once our exports team receives the approval, we will enable the export for your dealership.

Step 5: Choose Inventory to Export

To select the vehicles you would like to export hover over Inventory at the top, then hover over Live, then click on Exports.

Step 6: Toggling Vehicle Exports

From the exports window you will see all of your Live vehicles on the left. To the right of each vehicle you will see a box for each export site you have set up. If the box is green that means that the vehicle is selected to go to that export site. If the box is gray that means that the vehicle is NOT selected to go to that export site. Clicking on a box will toggle between the vehicle exporting to that site and not exporting to that site on the next export cycle.

You have the option to view the history of vehicles exported for the past 30 days.