Entering a Lease

Entering a Lease in DeskManager requires entering information in various parts of the Lease Contract, once the Lease Contract has been created.

Toolbar Description
  • In lease tab, click on New to Start a New Lease. If you are asked to choose a template select one or click “Blank Lease”.
  • DeskManager’s lease contract will display.leasetab2
  • There is a toolbar on top which allows you Save or Cancel the new lease contract.
  • Depending on variety of conditions you might see different buttons in the toolbar.
    • For example, when you are creating a new lease or editing an existing lease, you will see Save and Cancel buttons.
    • But if you are viewing an existing lease, instead of Save and Cancel, you just will see an Edit button.
Different Methods of Showing Messages
  • There is a Message frame (The frame containing the yellow area) on the bottom of the form which will show any Errors, Warnings, or reminders for current contract.enteringlease8
  • Any time if there is an important message that DeskManager needs to tell you it can do it in three ways:
  1. Simple message boxes: whenever there is really short and easy to understand message.enteringlease1
  2. Log boxes: whenever there is a more complicated situation or there are multiple steps that need consideration.
    1. This kind of messages are given when we need to stop you from doing an action or when a task is done and we want to inform you of the steps or results.enteringlease3
  3. Contract Message Frame: whenever there is an error in entered data, missing required fields, reminders to fill out some optional fields, etc. we use this section.
    1. This comes really handy because DeskManager doesn’t interrupt data entry,  and also will help you to spot the fields which cause problems since we highlight the problem causing fields.
    2. The Errors are highlighted with Red background, Warnings with a Yellow background, and Reminders with Green background.
    3. Clicking on each field will show the corresponding message in “message frame”.
    4. For example, by entering $2000 as selling price an error happens.
      • The following picture shows that there is a problem in total amount due and suggests you to change the value of those fields highlighted with red color.enteringlease2
      • Also you can navigate between messages by “<<” (First), “<” (Previous), “>” (Next), ”>>” “Last” buttons.enteringlease4
      • *Note - If there is an error spotted in contract you cannot save it until you fix the error.
      • You can minimize the message frame by clicking on “Min” button on itenteringlease5
      • Now the “Min” button is turned to “Max” and clicking on that will bring the frame to its original size.enteringlease6
      • The Help Frame (behind the message frame in green text) can be revealed revealed by minimizing the message frame.enteringlease7
      • You can always see this area as long as there is no message to be shown (which makes message frame to disappear) or if you have minimized message frame.
      • Help frame shows you helpful tips and a brief description of currently selected field.
      • Also if you hover your mouse pointer on most of the read-only fields (Grey Boxes with black border) you can see their description too.
Lease Statuses
  • Currently the contract is in Worksheet mode (as is shown in Status on top).enteringlease9
    • This means there is no Stock number entered in this contract.
    • Worksheets are good to calculate the lease for a prospect customer during the sales.
    • As soon as you enter a valid stock#, the contract is ready to be saved as Pending.
    • pending contract is a contract which has a valid stock# and the vehicle is still available.
    • You can have multiple pending contracts for a single stock#.
  • There is one more restriction to save the contract as sold:
    • You need to specify a customer name.
    • As soon as all the criteria are met (a valid stock# and a customer name are entered) you can click on Save to save the contract as sold and you will given a chance to select the Contract type and additional information:enteringlease10
    • Click on Cancel to get back to main Lease window.
Lease Fields
  • Lot# (Profile) on upper right corner is already populated by default profile of the program.enteringlease11
    • If you only have one profile, you don’t need to worry about this field.
    • However, if you have multiple profiles, double-check if this is the right profile for you.
  • Each Profile is associated to a state (e.g. the sample profile shown in the above picture is for California).
    • Each state has its own fees and each fee has a different taxable situation in different states.
    • As a result whenever you change the profile we refresh/change the controls on the first column automatically to populate state specific fields.
    • If the number of fields are more than maximum space allowed, a scroll bar will appear next to the state dependent fields and will let you to scroll among them.
  • You can start by entering a selling price (or pick a vehicle from your available inventory so we put the vehicle’s cash price automatically into selling price).enteringlease13
    • When you enter the selling price (or as soon as you press the tab key, or click on any other field after entering the amount) DeskManager will recalculate the lease contract and refresh all of the values.
  • The next field is total Accessories.enteringlease14
    • You can not enter the total directly but you have to enter its break down by clicking on “…” next to it.
    • If you click on “…” a list of 12 accessory fields displays, allowing you to enter the desired name and amount for each accessory.enteringlease12
    • Also you can decide which one of them you want to capitalize or not by clicking on the check boxes next to them.
    • Click Save to total the amount of accessories.
    • Click Cancel to close the window without saving.
  • After that select the Tax Code.
  • Starting from “Acquisition Fee” the state specific fields begin.enteringlease15
    • For each fee there is a check box just next to it, by which you can decide if you want to capitalize that fee or not.
    • For each state dependent fee also there is an internal formula to decide if it is county taxable, city taxable, other taxable, or if there should be a flat tax charged on it.
  • Next step is entering the down payments.
    • Enter the total cash amount the customer pays in Cash Down field.enteringlease16
    • You can enter up to 6 deferred payments (which are considered as cash down but will just received in later dates) by clicking on “…” button next to deferred payment.
  • You can enter information for two trades by going to Trades tab in lease screen.enteringlease17
    • Total trade credit for both trades will be considered as down payment, however any remaining pay-off on trades will reduce down payment.
  • Back to the Lease tab, if there are any rebates, you can enter it in Rebate field.enteringlease18
  • The remaining fields are required to calculate formulas mentioned in previous section.
  • Once you have entered all of the values you can see the amount calculated for periodical payment in first page.enteringlease19
    • Also if you want to see the amortization schedule you can click on the corresponding button in bottom of payment frame:enteringlease20enteringlease210
Page 2 Tab

In the second tab, “Page 2”, you can see/edit additional information such as Itemization of down payments, called the “Total consideration at lease inspection”, the itemization of sales tax, etc.enteringlease22

Lessee and Co-lessee tab
  • In lessee tab you can enter lessee and co-lessee information:enteringlease23
  • The functionalities are as same as DeskManager BHPH module.
  • For more information you can refer to BHPH help.
Profit (Cap and Recap)


  • In Recap tab you can review your Costs, and profit:enteringlease24
  • The costs frame is directly populated from inventory item.
  • The profit items are calculated on the fly with predefined formulas, except: Front-EndBack-EndGross, and Net profits which are customizable.
  • You can view any desired formula by clicking on “…” next to corresponding field:enteringlease27enteringlease26
  • In here you can click on “Edit Formula…” and start editing the formula:enteringlease25
  • As you see you can check or uncheck the desired fields in here.
    • Please be advised the changes you make are saved per State.
    • It means if you have a lease contract with one profile (e.g. for state of California) and you make some changes in its front-end formula, those changes will not be applied in front-end formula of other states (e.g. Arizona), however it will be applied to all the other contracts in same state.
  • There is another way to see a brief list of profit during the sales time and that is through “Cap” form.
    • To access this form you can click on “Cap” button on main lease form below “Lease Date” field:enteringlease28enteringlease29
    • You also have the option to change the Costs in here too (the fields with white background).
    • If you decide to add/edit cost of warrantygap, credit life, and credit disability anytime you can do it in here.