eBay Listing Template

To access the eBay Listing Template, hover the mouse over Settings, then Auctions, then click eBay Listing Template.ebaytemplate1ebaytemplate5

Your auction listings posted to eBay Motors are created from a combination of several elements, including:

  • Banner Image
  • Vehicle Details
  • Photos
  • Features
  • Contact Info
  • Dealership Links, etc.

Each element can be enabled or disabled individually, and you can change the order of elements in your listing by clicking on them and dragging them to a new position.ebaylistingtemplate ver3

The settings for each element behave the same as for your website vehicle listings, except as noted below.

Banner Image

  • You can upload banner images to be used in your auction listings, including a Default banner image and a Local Marketplace banner image.
  • These images are separate because your Default banner image can often include contact information (specifically your phone number) that is prohibited for Local Marketplace listings (where you must use your Call Bright phone number instead).
  • If you upload a Local Marketplace banner image, it will be used in place of your Default banner image when submitting Local Marketplace listings to eBay.

eBay Feedback, Store, and PayPal

  • These additional links are only available in your auction listings.
  • You can display a link for users to view your eBay Feedback page, your eBay Store page, and show that you are PayPal Verified.
  • You will need to provide your eBay Store name and your PayPal email address to enable those links.