eBay Listing Options

eBay Listing Options in WebManager allow you to customize your auctions before they are posted.

To access the eBay Listing Options, hover the mouse over Settings, Auctions, then click eBay Listing Options.ebaylistingoptions2ebaylistingoptions5

  • You can set several options for eBay listings here, including:
    • Default Listing Type
    • Auction Duration and Launch Time
    • Pricing and Deposit amounts
    • And Miscellaneous settings including:
      • Privacy
      • Location
      • And Additional Sell-To Locations.
    • Under Sold vehicles, when a vehicle is sold, you can choose to move the vehicle to Sold Inventory, or Do Nothing.
  •  These settings will be used by default for any vehicles you add to your inventory, but you can make changes to them at any time under the Vehicle Details: eBay tab.
  • *Note – Your dealership address, phone number, business hours, and time zone are displayed in Contact Details by eBay in some listing formats, and may be required to submit listings to eBay correctly. Be sure to complete your Dealership Lots settings as well.