eBay Export History

The eBay Export History shows the history of any eBay auctions submitted automatically by WebManager each night to eBay Motors, if you have enabled automatic exports.

The Export History screen can be accessed by hovering the mouse over Auctions, then click Export History.ebayexporthistory1

  • *Note – This screen does NOT show history for any auctions you have attempted to submit to eBay manually, since you received feedback immediately at the time whether the listing was successful or not.
  • Exports for the most recent date are listed first.
    • Export history is only preserved for the past 30 days.
    • You can display exports for an earlier date by clicking on the Date filter and selecting a different date.
  • Each export will show a link to the vehicle that was submitted to eBay and the result, whether there was an error or the listing was successful.
    • If there was an error submitting your listing, WebManager can only report the error message returned by eBay, and cannot guarantee that your listings will be accepted by eBay.
    • Auction listings can be rejected for missing or invalid data, Javascript or other prohibited content in your listings such as invalid price information or not providing authorization for WebManager to submit listings for you, or your authorization expiring, and other reasons depending on eBay’s terms and conditions.