How to Reset Password

Can’t log in to DeskManager 11? If you’ve forgotten your password, you’ll want to perform a password reset. 

From the easiest to the most time-consuming, this article will cover the two different ways you can reset your password. 

Reset Your Password with a Different User

If you or another employee can log in to DeskManager with a different user, do so now. 

With that user, navigate to File, then click Setup in the dropdown menu.
If this user does not have permission to access the setup menu, try logging in with a user that does, or otherwise try a different reset method. 

Under the User Security column, double-click the name of the user that needs a password reset.
In the password fields, include and re-enter a new password.
Then click Save in the top-left.
Now log in with this new password. 

Send a Password Reset Email

On the DeskManager 11 login screen, click Forgot Password in the bottom-left.
A password reset link will be sent to the main email address AutoManager has on file. This is usually the registered owner’s email address. Retrieve that email and follow the reset link to change your password. 

After changing your password, log in. 

Ask Your AutoManager Representative

If another user cannot change your password, and you don’t have access to the main email address, contact your AutoManager representative. He will change your email address to one you have access to. 

If you do not know your representative’s contact information, call AutoManager technical support at 800-300-2808 to retrieve his number.