DeskManager Data Backup

The following section provides instructions for creating a backup in DeskManager. Please note that AutoManager, Inc. does not backup any DeskManager data for any clients. It is your responsibility to back your data up.

AutoManager recommends backing up to an external drive rather than directly to your hard drive. It is recommended to have a few drives for backup purposes, rather than just one.

For more information regarding backing up using a third party backup software click here.

Step 1: Backup Utility

To perform a backup from DeskManager click on Tools, then click on Data Backup. You will now see the Backup DeskManager Data Files window. (Please note that DeskManager will ask you to perform a backup every time you close the program. Clicking Yes will also bring you to this window.)

Step 2: Choosing Backup Destination

First you want to tell DeskManager where to make the backup, which you can do by clicking Browse.

You can now choose the location of your backup. We recommend backing up to a portable drive in case something happens to the computer performing the backup.

Step 3: Backup Options

You now have a number of backup options to choose from. These options are detailed below:

  1. Create Daily Folder - This creates a different backup folder for each day of the week, Monday through Sunday. If you have an issue with your data on a Tuesday, but don’t catch the problem until Thursday, you will have Monday’s backup to fall back on. Checking this option is highly recommended.
  2. Exclude Documents - You are able to attach documents (such a PDF and Word documents) in DeskManager for organizational purposes. Checking this checkbox will exclude those documents in your backup.
  3. Include Pictures - Checking this option will backup all vehicle photos.
  4. Exclude Credit Reports - Checking this option will prevent previously pulled credit reports from being saved in your backup. The credit check module is an additional module. For more information on pulling credit in DeskManager click here.
  5. Backup only pic. of available inventory* - This option will only backup photos on your available inventory. This option is only available when you choose to include pictures in your backups.
Step 4: Executing the Backup

Once you have selected the desired options for your backup, click Backup to perform the backup. As soon as DeskManager finishes backing up you can click Exit.