DeskManager Credit Application

DeskManager has a Credit Application form that can be filled out and printed to give to your customer to take to a bank, or to send to a credit agency or bank.

To get here, double click a deal from the Deal/Trade tab to open the deal. At the top of the deal, click Options -> Credit Application, and a new window will open.


The dealer and customer information are filled in automatically from the deal when the credit application is printed.


The pages and the information they collect are:

  • Page 1 – Personal and Employment information for the Customer.
  • Page 2 – Other Income and Personal References for the Customer.
  • Page 3 – Co-Buyer Personal and Employment information.
  • Page 4 – Co-Buyer Other Income and Personal References.
  • Page 5 – Bank References, Bankruptcy, and Repossession information.
  • Page 6 – Debt and Outstanding Credit Obligation Information.
  • Metro II – This page is to be used if there are specific alterations that need to be made when reporting this customers activity via the Metro II reporting process.
    • These settings will only apply to the customer/deal that is open at the time any of these fields are changed.

To print this application, in the upper left corner click on the word Print and choose one of the following options:


  • Standard (with or without Co-Buyer) – Prints the application as entered.
  • Enhanced – Prints the application as well as vehicle, trade, and deal information.
  • LAW 7505-PN (4/04) – Prints the information required on the LAW 7505 form.

You can hit the SAVE button in the upper right and it will save the information with the current deal so you can reference it at a later time.