DeskManager 11 Mid-Atlantic Finance Bulk Portfolio Upload Setup

To enable the Bulk Portfolio Upload to Mid-Atlantic Finance, follow these instructions

Before attempting to enable the interface, please make sure you’re on DeskManager 11.98.20 or later. Please follow these instructions on how to update your DeskManager.

First, go to your Buy-Here Pay-Here Tab.

Then, click on Portfolio Management->Mid-Atlantic Finance. Then click on Authorize to enable the integration

Enabling this integration will send Mid-Atlantic your active Buy Here Pay Here deals along with the payment history for those deals. You will receive a registration email from Mid-Atlantic and they will reach out to finish setting up the integration. 

Once fully configured, DeskManager 11 will upload your active Buy Here Pay Here deals and their associated payments daily. Mid-Atlantic Finance Company will monitor your portfolio and may give you offers to acquire qualified loans from your portfolio.