Desking Tool – DeskManager Online

The Desking Tool is a feature that allows users to define three loans or quotes based on the APR, Term, and Cash down. The tool will allow you to generate loan amounts using the Selling Price or using the Payment Amounts to determine the Selling Price your buyer can afford. Not only is it available in the Quick Deal slide-out, but also in the main Deal structure. 

To configure up the Desking default settings, go to Settings > Finance Template.

Click an existing template or Add Template.

NOTE: if you plan to use this as the default template, check “Use as Default”.

Down Payment Increment (%) – used to determine how much the Down Payment amount should increase
Term 1 – Term 3 – used to define three popular loan lengths
Int. Rate 1 – Int. Rate 3 – used to define three popular loan rates to correspond with the loan terms

Right-click on the vehicle, then click Quick Deal. From here click the Desk button. To start off the Desking feature will pull in the Terms and Interest Rates from your Finance Template.

You can adjust the Cash Down, Term, and/or Rate. The calculated prices or payment amounts will adjust automatically.

Clicking Print will allow you to print a copy for your customer to retain. The printout will have the same breakdown as seen in the Quick Deal.

Financing Details can be shown by checking “Show Details”.

If your user account has access to the Recap, you will be able to see the Front, Back, and Gross Profits. If your user account does not have access to the Recap, you will be able to see the Payment Amount or Price Amount, Amount Financed, and Finance Charge. 

Using the Desired Payment tab allows you to define the Payment Amount. Based on the contract Payment Amount, DeskManager Online will provide Selling prices that fit your customer’s budget. 

Once the Selling Price is achieved or the Contract Payment Amount is agreed upon, click the Amount you want to apply to the deal. Click Start Deal if you are ready to turn this Quick Deal into a full deal.