Deletion History

The Deletion History screen can be accessed from anywhere in WebManager under Inventory -> Deletion History.deletionhistory1 deletionhistory2

  • This view shows the history of any vehicles that have been deleted from your inventory.
    • This can be used to investigate if a vehicle was deleted from your inventory that you expected to be able to find, and show whether a vehicle was deleted by a user or an automated process.
    • Vehicles in your Sold inventory are automatically archived after a set number of days, and vehicles in your Archived inventory are eventually automatically deleted.
    • You can set the number of days to keep your Sold and Archived vehicles in General Inventory Settings.
  • You can display deletion history for an earlier month by clicking on the Month filter and selecting a different Month.deletionhistory3
  • Each entry will show a link to the vehicle that was activated, the time it was activated, who it was activated by, and what your WebManager status was at the time.
    • It is possible to have an entry for a vehicle that was activated while you were a trial client which would not be billed, and have an entry for the same vehicle that was activated when you were a subscriber and which could be billed.