Defining Your Craigslist Template

Before sending your inventory over to Craigslist, you must first choose how you want your listings to look on Craigslist. Please note that Craigslist only accepts limited formatting on your posts.

Step 1: Craigslist Template Settings

To define your Craigslist Listing Template just hover over Settings, then hover over Inventory, then click Craigslist Listing Template.

Step 2: Selecting/Unselecting Elements

The Craigslist Listing Template allows you to change the order the listing elements appear in. You can check the elements you would like to appear on your listing, and uncheck the ones you do not want to appear.

Step 3: Ordering Your Elements

You can also drag the elements in the order you want them to appear in

Step 4: Editing Element Settings

Each element has its own settings that can be customize by clicking the Settings link