DealerSocket Integration Settings

DealerSocket Integration with WebManager enables importing contacts from DealerSocket to WebManager, and exporting contacts and sold inventory from WebManager to DealerSocket.

To access DealerSocket Integration Settings, hover the mouse over Settings > Integrations, then click DealerSocket.dealersocketint2

DealerSocket Contacts Import

  • To enable importing contacts from DealerSocket, enter the DealerSocket provided Dealer ID into the Dealer ID box, check Enable DealerSocket Contacts Import, and click Save Changes.
  • Contacts can then be sent from DealerSocket to WebManager, and will appear in your Active Contacts in WebManager.
  • For more information on how to send contacts from DealerSocket, contact DealerSocket.

DealerSocket Sold Inventory Export

  • To export contacts from WebManager to DealerSocket, WebManager provides information about your sold inventory along with the buyer details you have entered in WebManager.
  • To enable the Sold Inventory export, enter the username and password provided by DealerSocket.
  • This export will send only send information regarding vehicles sold in the last 30 days to DealerSocket.
  • *Note – Only vehicles that are marked Unpaid or Final are considered Sold. Pending vehicles are not considered sold, and will not be included in this export.