Dealership Lots

This Dealership Lots screen allows you to manage settings for the dealership Lots associated with your account.

To access the Dealership Lots settings, hover the mouse over Settings, Accounts, then click Dealership Lots.lots1lots3

  • By default, your account has a Main Lot.
    • If your account is Multi-Lot enabled, you will see additional Lots listed which match up to your profiles in DeskManager.
    • Additionally, your account may also have a Shell Lot, which can be contain settings for an “umbrella” website for your other lots, and is not tied to any DeskManager profile.
  • The number of additional Lots you can have enabled is displayed at the top of the screen, and may be less than the number of profiles you have in DeskManager.
  • To enable a lot, check Enabled next to Status.
    • Your Main Lot is always enabled, and encompasses anything that does not fall under one of the other lots.
    • Any vehicles uploaded from DeskManager for a Lot/Profile ID that you do not have enabled in WebManager will be treated as belonging to the Main Lot.

Lot Details

  • Click Edit Lot Details to specify the dealership settings for that lot.lots6
  • Dealership Lot details are be displayed on your website, in your vehicle listings, and in your Window Stickers.
    • If a vehicle does not have a Sales Contact specified, the contact information for the lot the vehicle belongs to will be displayed instead.
  • Enter the contact information for your dealership, including the Phone and Fax numbers and email address for buyers to reach your dealership.
    • Enter the Address of your dealership, and enter your Business Hours.
    • Enter text giving instructions for potential buyers in your area to locate your dealership.
  • Localization settings include your country, time zone, currency, distance units.
    • These settings are required by some export sites, and also affect how your vehicle prices and mileage are displayed in your listings.
  • *Note – If you intend to submit Local Marketplace eBay listings, you must select your Business Hours for Weekdays and Weekends, even if you are choosing to display your Business Hours by day. You must also select your Time Zone.