Deal Statuses

This video covers the different deal statuses in DeskManager:

Status – There are three different status of Deals that DeskManager recognizes.  These are Worksheet, Pending and Sold.

  • Making a New Deal – This is a temporary status assigned to a new deal as it is being created, so this represents a deal that has not yet been saved into the system for the first time.
    • No deal cannot be saved using this as a status option, it is just a placeholder until the first save takes place or the deal is canceled.
  • Worksheet – Worksheets are deals without a Stock Number attached to them.
    • They are sometimes used for calculating fees and totals and will never show up in any reports.
    • A deal with the status of Worksheet is different from any Sold or Pending Deal in that the Payments and Recap Tabs are not displayed in this type of Deal.
    • To create a Worksheet, from the Deal/Trade tab click new.
    • Do not select or enter a stock number.
    • Click on Save and the deal will become a Worksheet.
  • Pending – Pending Deals generally have all the necessary requirements of a Sold deal, the primary difference is that a pending deal can still be edited.
    • Another slight difference between Pending and Sold deals is that a single stock number in Inventory may have multiple Pending Deals attached to it but a Sold Deal is always connected to a single Stock number and there are no other deals in the system with same stock number no matter the status.
    • A Pending deal is sometimes used for Deals that are still being negotiated or in situations where the vehicle has not yet been delivered.
    • With a Pending Deal, the user must remember that the Vehicle Status does not change from Available to Sold and as a result, it will still appear on your Available Inventory List.
    • If a deal is started on an available vehicle and then saved before any customer information has been entered the deal will automatically become a Pending Deal.
    • If both a stock number and customer information has been entered and you save the deal, you will be given the choice of how the deal will be saved.
    • To save as a Pending Deal, click on the Save button on the Deal/Trade tab, then select the radio button next to Pending in the Save Options of the Save Deal window.
  • Sold – Sold Deals are final deals made for a specific stock number associated with a specific customer.
    • There can be only one Sold Deal per stock number.
    • Once a deal is saved as sold, all remaining pending deals on that stock number are deleted from the system and the inventory status of the vehicle is changed from Available to Sold.
    • Customer information from any pending deals deleted by a sold deal will be saved to the DeskManager’s Prospect section so any potential customer information will not be lost.
    • Sold Deals are the only types of Deals where DeskManager will track account balances.
    • DeskManager treats every sold vehicle as a receivable that needs to be collected.
    • This is because even if you are not financing the deal as a Buy-Here Pay-Here deal, collections must still be recorded, be it in the form of a down payment, deferred payment or the pay-off from a finance institution in order to make the deal eligible to be closed.
    • Every Sold Deal must be Closed through the Payment Tab by collecting Payment(s) or applying Adjustments until the balance due reaches 0, then the Close Account button can be used to assign the deal as closed.