Customer Testimonials

The WebManager Customer Testimonials settings allows you to manage the customer testimonials that will appear on your website when you select the Customer Testimonials element.

To access these settings, hover the mouse over Settings, Website, then click Customer Testimonials.customertest1customertest2

  • To create a new customer testimonial, click Add New Testimonial.
    • Fill in the appropriate information and click Save Changes.
    • At a bare minimum, customer testimonials must have a first name and testimonial text.
    • Otherwise, fill in as little or as much information as you want to display.
  • To edit a testimonial, click on Edit next to the testimonial you would like to edit.
    • Make the appropriate changes and click Save Changes.

*Note – Customer testimonials will not appear on your website until you have added the customer testimonials element to a page found when you hover the mouse over Settings, Website, then click Pages, then check the box next to Customer Testimonials and click Save changes.