Custom SEO Settings

You can customize several SEO settings for each page individually under Settings > Website > Custom SEO. These affect the HTML generated by Website Theme system in creating your web page, and are among several factors search engines consider in ranking your web pages.

The Page Title is contained in <h1></h1> tags, and many search engines give additional weight to text contained in these tags.

The Menu Label is the text contained within <a></a> in links pointing to this page (from the Menu, Footer, Site Map, etc.).

The Alt / Title Text is the text displayed when your mouse cursor hovers over links to this page (from the Menu, Footer, Site Map, Image Quick Links, etc.).

You can enter up to 5 custom alternate URLs that users could enter in their browser’s address bar to navigate to this page. All 5 links will redirect (301 redirect) to the first custom URL. This feature is used when you are switching website systems and you need to redirect your old URL to your new WebManager URL in order for search engines to not lose track of where your old page went. The Website Theme system will use the first custom URL when constructing links to your page (from the Menu, Footer, Site Map, Image Quick Links, etc.).

The Browser Title is the text displayed in your browser window’s title bar.  This section is technically known as the Meta Title Tag.

The Meta Description is text that isn’t displayed by your browser but is used by search engines as a brief description of the page that may show up on on the search results page of a search engine.

The Meta Keywords are a list of keywords that aren’t displayed by your browser but used to be used by search engines to match your page against search terms.  Most big search engines no longer crawl this meta tag, but it may help with smaller search engines that may still use the Meta Keywords tag.