Custom Fields

DeskManager Online has a large variety of fields and tracking tools, but you may find that your dealership needs more. To track additional vehicle information that isn’t offered by default, you can create custom fields according to your needs. 

Creating Custom Fields

First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Inventory category, click Custom Fields.
To create a custom field, click Add New.
Name this new custom field.
The Type section changes the custom field’s behavior.
The custom field could be a checkbox or a selectable drop-down list, for example. The different types are explained below. 

  • Text: You can input text or numbers in this field. 
  • Number: You can only input numbers in this field. 
  • Currency: You can only input a dollar amount in this field. 
  • Check Box: You can check or uncheck this field. 
  • Select List: You can select pre-determined values in this field. 
  • Date: You can only input a date. 
  • Date & Time: You can only input a date and time. 

The Default Value determines what value will initially be in your custom field, if any.
The Sequence determines the order in which your custom fields will appear. A field with a sequence of 1 appears at the top of the list, while subsequent numbers appear in order below.
If the field is Required, then the field can never be blank.
Once you’re done creating custom fields, click Save in the top-left.

Using Custom Fields

Navigate to a vehicle details page.
Then click the Other tab.
You will see every custom field under this tab. You can enter information into these custom fields as necessary.
Once complete, click Save.