Credit tab

The Credit tab is a list of all the customers who were added to the system for the purpose of checking their credit against one or more of the major credit scoring agencies.


  • This list can be sorted by clicking on the column header of the desired column:
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Social Security Number
    • Report
    • Agency
    • Address
    • Run By
    • ID
  • New – Allows us to add a new person to the list for credit reporting using the New Credit Report option, or highlight a name that is already on the list for the purpose of pulling an updated report by using the New Credit Report for Selected Client option.
  • Open – This button will open the currently highlighted customer’s information.
  • Search – We can search through our list by clicking on the Search button and in the resulting window type-in any word(s) which help the system to find our record.
    • For example, if we wanted to search by customer’s first name ‘John’ then we just simply click on Search button then type John into the search field and click on OK.
    • The search tool will look for the data in any field on the list.  The system will then move these records to the top of the list.
    • So in this example any customer or customers with the text ‘John’ as all or part of their first name, last name, address, or city would be moved to the top of the list.
  • Print – This button will simply print all the checked items from the list.
  • Reload – This button will refresh the list.  Most useful when multiple people are working in DeskManager, the refresh will update the display with any recent changes that were made by other users since the page was first loaded or since the last reload.
  • **Note**:  Most states have specific regulations as to how long you are allowed to keep a customer’s credit information on file.  As a result of these regulations, DeskManager has a tool in the system that will allow the users to purge old credit reports by date range.
    • This tool can be found in File -> Maintenance -> Remove Credit Reports (by date range).  Be sure to check with a local Independent Dealers Association or someone knowledgeable in your state’s regulations for these time frames.