Credit History

The Credit History is a list of the times a credit report was pulled for a specific customer and saved in the system.

Click the Credit tab to see the credit history list.credithistory1

Double clicking on a line in this list will open the View Credit form displaying the detail as provided when the report was originally pulled.credithistory2

From here click View Report to review the previously saved report.

A new report may be generated from this screen as well, click on the New button and select an agency from which to pull the report.credithistory3

Depending on the agency you will be pulling from (Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian), you will be asked to choose products or features and to provide user or account information and passwords.credithistory2

  • The Reference # field may be used if you are reviewing a previously pulled credit report depending on the reporting agency.
  • The Report On field is required. Choose either Individual or Joint.
  • Enter as much information as possible for the borrower and if necessary the co-borrower.
  • Scan – Where available, you can scan a person’s driver’s license and his/her information will be substituted into the Borrower fields.
  • Save – This saves this information you entered.
  • Save & Exit – This saves the information you entered and exits the screen.
  • Submit – This submits the information to the credit agency. Within a few minutes, you will get the credit report.
  • Exit – Exits this screen.

The Open button performs the same action as a double click, it will open the highlighted history item.

Reload will refresh this page and Exit will close the page.