Credit Checks – Equifax

This article covers credit checks run through Equifax directly. These directions will not be relevant if you are using a third party company to pull credit (ex. Credco, CBC, etc.).

Before any setup can be performed in DeskManager, you will need to contact Equifax at 800-685-5000 to obtain the following information:

  • Site ID
  • Password
  • System-to-System Customer code
  • Equifax Customer (Member) Number
  • Security Code

In DeskManager click File -> Setup, then in the list on the left, scroll down to Communications and click the + next to it to expand it, then click Equifax.

  • Enter the Site ID, Password, System-To-System Customer Code, Equifax Customer (Member) Number and Security Code.
  • You will need to subscribe to Equifax to include any features, options and/or models from the list provided.
  • After you subscribe to any of the provided options, select the checkbox for “Subscribed“.
  • The “Default” checkboxes can also be selected if you require a typical user to run credit with these default options (a subset of the Subscribed).


A quick reference on the listed features/options:

  • Online Directory – Contains telephone numbers and upon request addresses of all collection inquiries and trade segment companies shown on the report.
  • Safescan – An interactive, on-line warning system containing information that has been or could be used to perpetrate application fraud.
    • *Note – This option can only be turned on/off by Equifax.


Here is a quick reference on what the listed models mean:

  • Beacon 5.0 – Developed by Equifax and Fair Isaac, this is a risk assessment model that forecasts the future risk of a consumer’s accounts going severely delinquent within 24 months. It analyzes the information contained within the credit report and assigns a score based upon risk level. Equifax calls their Fico credit score a Beacon score.
  • Beacon 5.0 Auto – It is a Beacon scoring model specially developed for the Auto Industry.
  • VantageScore – The first tri-bureau consumer credit risk model of its kind and is defining a new standard in consumer credit risk scoring. It estimates the likelihood of a consumer becoming 90+ days past due including internal collections, charge off, repossession, foreclosure and bankruptcy) within 24 months of scoring, then returns a three-digit score.
  • CARcredit 99 – The Equifax’s second generation risk prediction tool for the Automobile financing and leasing industries. It predicts the probability of delinquency (60+ days past due) within a 24 month period.
  • CARcredit 99 Adjusted Output – An additional output option is being offered with Equifax Risk Score CARcredit 99. It predicts the probability of delinquency (60+ days past due) within a 24-month period.
  • For detailed information about the above features and models, ask the Equifax Representative.