Costs Tab

The Costs tab in a Deal is where you record the expenses for the vehicle as well as track any flooring information.coststab2

Recon & Other Cost

  • To enter a new expense, click on “Enter New Expense” and enter the information requested.
  • Vehicle Purchase and Expense History – This table lists the detailed data that was entered into the Expense Entry form for each expense that has been recorded for this vehicle.
    • This information can be sorted by column just by clicking on the header of each column.
    • Items are added to this table by using the Enter New Expense button.
  • Buyer Name:  This is where you can keep track of the person who bought the vehicle for your company.
  • View Service History – If you have purchased the Service module, you can see any service you have performed on the vehicle by clicking on “View Service History“.
    • If you saved any service payment as Internal, it will show on the Expense list.
  • Print Costs – Costs can be printed by clicking on this button.


  • The Flooring section can be setup to calculate the daily interest expense resulting from the flooring of the vehicle.
  • By entering the “Flooring Date“, the”Amount Borrowed“, and the interest rate for the loan from “Flooring Rate (%)” and saving this information with the vehicle, the program will begin these calculations.
  • Flooring Date:  The date that money was borrowed, if applies to the vehicle.
  • Amount Borrowed:  Amount borrowed for flooring. Check ‘Add Flooring to Cost‘ if you wish to add flooring to your vehicle cost totals.
  • Flooring Rate (%):  If the flooring company calculates interest using a fixed rate or single rate for the life of the loan, enter that rate here.
    • If the flooring company uses a variable rate, the flooring calculator will not be able to calculate flooring for you, but by entering the flooring date and amount borrowed then leaving the flooring rate field blank, DeskManager will still show this vehicle on the flooring report so it can still be tracked on the report.
  • Additional Fees and Description 1 & 2:  If there are any additional fees related to the flooring but which should not be considered as part of the cost of the vehicle, they may be recorded here.
    • Note: these additional fees will not be calculated into the vehicle costs.
  • Stop Calculating Flooring Cost On:  Specify the date that you want DeskManager to stop calculating flooring interest cost, usually the day the flooring is paid off.
  • Borrowed From:  Select the Flooring Company from your list of finance companies.
    • Companies can be added to the list using the Third-Party section of the reports menu, or from the DeskManager Setup tool.
  • *Note – You can either choose a 360-day cycle or a 365-day cycle to calculate the flooring cost.  This option is controlled in the Finance Company Setup.