Configuring the Correct Okidata Driver

This article is for DeskManager 11. For DeskManager Online see Configuring Okidata Driver.

How to Install the Okidata Driver

AutoManager only supports four models of dot matrix printers. In order for DeskManager to properly communicate with the printer you must use the Okidata ML 320 Turbo/D (IBM) driver. Even if your printer model is a 321, 420, or 421 you will still need to use the Okidata ML 320 Turbo/D (IBM) driver.

Open Devices and Printers

Open Devices and Printers in Windows. The easiest way to find this is to search for ‘Devices and Printers’ in the Start Menu.

Open Printer Properties

Right click on your Okidata printer and select Printer Properties. If there is a Change Settings button in the bottom left part of the window, you will need to click it to allow changes to the driver.

Click the Advanced Tab

Next click the Advanced tab, then click New Driver.

Apply the Driver

Click Next and Okidata under the Manufacturer list, then look for the Okidata ML 320 Turbo/D (IBM) driver under the Printers list. If you can’t find Okidata or the Okidata ML 320 Turbo/D (IBM) driver click Windows Update and try again.

Click Finish

Once you’ve selected the Okidata ML 320 Turbo/D (IBM) driver click Next, then click Finish.

Apply the New Driver

Click Apply then OK to save the driver.

How to Fix the Okidata Driver

Windows Updates have been known to revert Okidata drivers to defaults, which can cause your printer to function incorrectly. The video below will walk you through resolving this issue.