Collecting Deal Payments

This article is for DeskManager 11. For DeskManager Online see Collecting Deal Payments.
Step 1: Open Payments

To collect a payment first open up the deal and click on the Payments tab.

Step 2: Collect Payment

Click the Collect Payment button.

Step 3: Enter Date Received

Be sure to enter the correct date in the Date Rcvd field. This is especially important when it comes to Buy Here Pay Here payments.

Step 4: Payment Category

The Applies to field will try to collect an uncollected Down Payment first, then any uncollected Deferred Payments, followed by any uncollected Payments. If you have a third party financed deal DeskManager will look for the amount due from the finance company when selecting the Payment category. If you have a Buy Here Pay Here deal DeskManager will look for any uncollected periodic payments by default when selecting the Payment category.

Step 5: Enter Payment Amount

Now enter the amount collected if it differs from what DeskManager is expecting.

Step 6: Enter Notes

Feel free to enter any notes in the Notes field. This field is optional.

Step 7: Payment Method

Next choose how the payment was paid (such as Cash, Credit Card, ACH, etc.) and enter a reference number. These fields are optional as well.

Step 8: Save Payment

Be sure to click Save Manually when you are finished. A receipt will automatically be generated when you save a payment. DeskManager also supports online payment processing through either OpenEdge or ProPay (a T-Sys Company).