Buyer’s Guides in DeskManager Online

Buyer’s guides are highly customizable. They require an initial setup process so they can be tailored to your customers’ needs and your dealership’s offerings. 

For more information on printing other forms, read our article here: 

Creating a Buyer’s Guide Template 

First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Inventory category, click Buyer’s Guide Settings.

If you’ve already added buyer’s guide templates, you’ll see them here. To add a new template, click Add New in the top-left.
Name this template at the top of this screen.
Next, click Select the Buyer’s Guide Forms, then click Select Forms.
We have a range of buyer’s guides to select from. If a buyer’s guide is marked as PDF, it can be printed to your Laser or Inkjet printer.
If a buyer’s guide is not marked as PDF then it is a dot matrix form, which can only be printed to a dot-matrix printer.  

Use the search bar to find a specific buyer’s guide.

Once you find the buyer’s guide you need, check the box to the left of its name.
Once you’ve found the forms you need, click Save.
A buyer’s guide is only a template. Now that you’ve selected a guide, you must tell DeskManager Online what to print on the form.  

First, specify the warranty by clicking the circle beside “As Is” or “Warranty”.
If there is a warranty, define how much the dealership will cover, on what parts, and for how long.
At the bottom of this page, indicate the duration of warranty, or if other warranties are applied.
Click Save to Exit the page.

Printing a Buyer’s Guide 

Now that you’ve created a template, you are ready to print your buyer’s guide. 

To print a buyer’s guide, navigate to a vehicle from the Inventory List.
Along the banner at the top, click Print, and then select Buyer’s Guide.
Choose your buyer’s guide template. You can edit an existing template here, if necessary.
Under Buyer’s Guide Forms, click the Printer icon. You’ll see a print preview of the buyer’s guide. If it looks correct, you may now print this from your browser.