Buy Here Pay Here Tab

The Buy-Here / Pay-Here tab lists all of the open In-House or BHPH deals that  you have in your system.  This is your main collections page.

Note: You cannot create a new deal or enter new vehicles here.

The screen is divided into several sections.

Across the top of the page, to the left of the Buy-Here / Pay-Here title, there is a row of buttons.


  • The Collect button will allow you to collect payment for the deal that is currently highlighted in the customer list of the BHPH screen.  This tool functions the same as using the collect payments button on the payments tab inside the deal.
  • The Print button contains a number of BHPH related printing functions that will print for any number of selected customers from the BHPH list.  Customers are selected by marking the check box found on the left side of the customer’s information line.
  • The Options button will house various options available for the page.
    • Reset View – This will reset the column order and size of the BHPH list.
    • Listview auto start – If this is on, when the BHPH tab is clicked, the list will load without having to search or click Reload.
    • Send Payment Reminder Text
    • Set Agent
    • Link Accounts
  • The Reload button refreshes the BHPH List.  This will update the figures for any accounts that have been collected or adjusted since the last refresh.
  • Customers who subscribe to the Metro II credit reporting module can click the Credit Report button to start the process of collecting the data from their BHPH accounts for reporting to the credit agency that will receive the report.
  • The Follow Ups button accesses the DeskManager Tasks system.  From here the user will be able to review tasks assigned for a specific user, or for all users, and can set a date range for the tasks to be reviewed.  Please see the Tasks and Follow Ups help pages for more information.

Searching BHPH

In the top left, there is a Quick Find tab to look for a deal based on one item (e.g., Stock #, Account #, Buyer).


  • You will also find a filter here to allow for the display of only accounts that fall between two user defined number of days late.
  • Mark the box to apply the filter, enter the two days late numbers then click the Reload button at the top of the page.
  • Below the Quick Find Options the user will find some filtering options that can be applied to the BHPH page to refine the data on display.

 Immediately below the Quick Find is a Recently Visited BHPH Deal List.  You may double click on any name listed here as a shortcut to opening that customers deal for review.


The main list section lists all of the In-house deals based on the search/filter criteria  you chose on the Quick Find area.


  • By highlighting the deal, you can see information about the payments collected as well as any notes.  These will be shown beneath the main list.
  • If you right-click on a customer’s line in the list, a menu will appear allowing the user to open either the customer’s deal details, or the vehicle’s inventory details.
  • If you double-click on a customer’s line in the list, you can open the deal details for that customer’s deal.

At the bottom of this section is a recap line for the customer that is currently highlighted.


  • This includes information regarding:
    • How many days (if any) this customer’s next payment is late
    • How much is due in Deferred Down Payments
    • Total outstanding Deferred Balance
    • Bad Check fee’s outstanding
    • Late Fees outstanding
    • Total of all Adjustments outstanding
    • Total of all payments currently due
    • Pay-Off for today
    • Account Balance.

Below that, it displays the payments collected for the deal that is highlighted.


  • The functions to the left are:
    • Maximize – Maximizes the Payments section.
    • Collect Pmt – Allows you to collect a payment or adjustment.  This button funtions the same as the button at the top of the page or the button in the deal’s payments tab with the same name.
    • Print – Allows you to print all of the payments and adjustments you have collected.
    • Receipt – Allows you to print a receipt for the highlighted payment.
    • Adjustments – Shows you the adjustments applied to the account.
    • Statement – Allows you to print a statement for the highlighted account.
    • Def Pmnts – This will open the Deferred Payments window of the deal for the highlighted customer so any deferred payments can be reviewed.

Below that, this section will show you the notes for the deal you have highlighted.


  • The functions are:
    • Maximize – Maximizes the Notes section.
    • New Note – Allows you to enter a new note for the deal.
    • Print Notes – Allows you to print all of the notes for the deal.