AutoManager Product Updates

Hello AutoManager Dealers,

We are excited to release the first product update in our inaugural company newsletter. Each month we will give product updates across DeskManager Online, WebManager, and DeskManager 11 products. We will continue to improve this format and are excited to bring our customers close to all the great updates our engineering team is creating!

DeskManager Online

DeskManager Online has created Quick Deal Calculators and Desking features to help you generate multiple sales scenarios by just entering a few numbers. You can also use our improved affordability calculators to put your customers in cars that they love and can actually afford. Furthermore, you can also check your own profit margins for each scenario to get a better understanding of your bottom line.


We have been working hard to update the Control Panel to have a more modern interface similar to DeskManager Online. This update is coming soon and here is a sneak preview:

DeskManager 11

The latest version of DeskManager 11 has improved the Frazer Import feature to better support BHPH account balance information and has expanded the export to DeskManager Online to include system settings and third-party tables.

We look forward to continuing these product updates and keeping our customers in the loop on innovation from AutoManager!

Warm Regards,

Marketing Team