Auto Video Options Tab

The Auto Video system will automatically create videos for vehicles in your inventory using photos you’ve uploaded and information about the vehicle.

The photos will be animated, while the information about your vehicle will be converted to speech, and played along with a background music track in the video.

To access the Audio Video Options, hover the mouse over Settings, then Website, then click Auto Video Options.newautooptions4newautooptions3

These videos are made up of three sections divided into tabs:

  • Options – These are the general settings for the auto videos.
  • Description – This is the main body of the video, where the vehicle photos are displayed while audio describing the vehicle is spoken.
  • Intro (optional) – You can upload a photo to be displayed and enter text to be spoken at the beginning of the video.
  • Outro (optional) – You can upload a photo to be displayed and enter text to be spoken at the end of the video.
  • *Note – For these videos to be displayed in listings on your website, you must also enable the Video element in your Vehicle Details Template under Settings » Website » Vehicle Details Template.

Options Tab

  • To use this system, you must first check Enable Auto Videos.
    • This will allow you to create videos for your vehicles, but there are also other steps you must follow to enable the video and generate description audio for each vehicle.
  • Check Generate Vehicle Description Audio automatically when vehicles are activated to Live inventory to have the system generate the description audio when your vehicles are activated from Staging to Live.
    • You also have the option of generating the description audio at any time under the Media tab when editing Vehicle Details.

Photo Options

  • Limit # of Photos – To keep your videos from taking too long too load, you can limit the number of photos used in the video.
  • Animation Style – Vehicle photos are animated using the style you’ve selected.
    • The Ken Burns Effect describes a type of panning and zooming effect popularized by the documentarian Ken Burns.
    • Other animation styles will be added shortly.
  • Animation Speed – Select Fast, Medium, or Slow to control the speed of the animations.

Music Options

  • Music Volume – Control the volume of the background music played during the video by adjusting this value.
    • Depending on the music track(s) you select, you may want to adjust their volume so your vehicle description audio can still be heard clearly.
  • You can also choose whether the background music track selected in your Description template plays throughout your entire video, or separate background music tracks are played during your Intro and Outro.