AGORA Data Interface Setup

In order to authorize your AGORA account from within DeskManager, you will first need to obtain your AGORA API Key.

This is accomplished by logging into your AGORA account and then clicking on where it says Settings (you’ll see this at the top of your screen). From there, you will scroll down to the section for API Key, then highlight and copy that information (ctrl+c or right click and select copy). You will paste this information in a later step.

Once you’ve copied your API Key, open up the AGORA integration module from the Buy Here Pay Here tab in DeskManager.

From here, type in your User Name and Password provided by AGORA. Now paste (ctrl+v or right click and select paste) the API Key from the previous step into the applicable field.

Now click on the Authorize Button.

Once your authorization is complete, DeskManager will begin uploading your In-House deals to AGORA in the background. Please note, that this update is triggered once a day automatically when you first launch DeskManager.