Adding Vehicles

This article is for DeskManager Online. For DeskManager 11 see How to Add Vehicles.

There are multiple ways to add a new vehicle to your DeskManager Online inventory, especially if you’re also subscribed to our WebManager marketing tool. We offer several methods so dealers may choose the option that synergizes best with their existing workflow. 

Adding Vehicles to DeskManager Online 

From the Dashboard, click Add Vehicle, under Inventory.
You can also add an inventory from the Inventory List. From the Inventory List, click Add Vehicle in the top left.
Enter the VIN, mileage, and category of the vehicle. Then enter the date-in, and if applicable, select a status and sub-status.
Once complete, click Continue to add the vehicle to your inventory.     

After clicking Continue, you’re taken to the Vehicle Details Tab. This contains an overview of vehicle information decoded from the VIN.
Note that vehicle details will be automatically decoded from the VIN and populate the information found in the details tab. 

Some vehicles cannot be decoded by the VIN, such as those built before 1981. The information for these vehicles will have to be entered manually. 

Adding Vehicles with AutoManager.Mobile  

Your inventory is synced between DeskManager Online and WebManager if you have an active DeskManager Online subscription. Vehicles added to WebManager will automatically appear in your DeskManager Online inventory list. 

If you’re also subscribed to WebManager, this means you can add vehicles to your DeskManager Online inventory from the AutoManager Mobile App. 

If you don’t already have the AutoManager Mobile App, you can download it for Android from the Google Play store (link), or else for iPhone from the Apple App Store (link). 

To add a vehicle from the AutoManager Mobile App, first log in with your WebManager credentials.
On the main Dashboard, click Add Vehicle.
You can insert the VIN manually, scan the VIN with your phone, and take photos of the vehicle all from the AutoManager Mobile app. 

Once the vehicle has been added to your WebManager inventory, it will appear on your Inventory List in DeskManager Online. 

For more information about the AutoManager Mobile App, read our articles here:
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Adding Vehicles Through WebManager

As mentioned above, your inventory is synced between DeskManager Online and WebManager if you have an active DeskManager Online subscription. Vehicles added to WebManager will automatically appear in your DeskManager Online inventory list. 

This also means if you are importing vehicles from another source in WebManager they will appear automatically in DeskManager Online. For more information on importing inventory into WebManager, read our article here:

Vehicles added manually in WebManager will automatically appear in DeskManager Online as well. For more information on manually adding inventory, read our article here: