Active Contacts

The Active Contacts screen contains any contacts in your account that you have not archived or deleted yet.

To access the Active Contacts, hover the mouse over Contacts, and click Active.activecontacts2activecontacts1

  • Contacts that you have not viewed yet will be highlighted, and will display a closed envelope ( unread9 ).
  • Contacts that you have viewed will display an opened envelope ( read4 ).
  • You can tag contacts for various actions by checking the box at the beginning of the contact row, or clicking on Check All to select all contacts on the page.
  • Click on High Priority to mark tagged contacts visually distinctive, or click on Low Priority to remove the mark.
  • Click on Archive if you want to archive contacts and be able to refer to them later.
  • Click on Delete to permanently remove selected contacts from the system.
  • To view a Contact, click on the Contact Subject or the Last Note text when the you move your mouse over a contact and the row expands.